Family Recipes

As The "Real Italian" Tomato Company, we often receive requests for "Real Italian" recipes. In the Old Country tradition, most of our own family recipes were learned by doing, modified by personal preference, and repeated from memory.

One reason that traditional Italian cooks often do not write down their recipes is that to Italians, there is no singular "right way" to make a dish—each family does things differently!

Cortopassi Family Recipes

Several years ago, we asked the many excellent cooks in our extended family to share their own favorite recipes. Later, we added pizza sauce recipes, of course made with our "Real Italian" tomato products. Together, they form the Cortopassi family recipe collection shared here.

La Trattoria Recipes

Since 1990, many restaurant families have also generously shared their own favorite "Real Italian" recipes with our La Trattoria Idea Exchange. A number of these excellent dishes appear here in our La Trattoria recipe collection, with more to come soon.

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