Products for Speed-Scratch Cooking—Just Add Your Own Signature Seasoning!

Products for Speed-Scratch Cooking

Many restaurateurs would prefer to prepare their own “scratch” sauces for their patrons, but with present-day demands for speedy service and menu variety, they need a high-quality head-start! That’s why Stanislaus developed “speed-scratch” products for “speed-scratch” cooking—we’ve done most of the prep work, so just add a few easy personal touches, and you get “scratch” results without “scratch” effort!


Throughout Italy, modern-day restaurateurs capture the fresh flavors of the summer harvest in a tomato sauce base, which they use to create their personal signature sauces on a year-round basis. To meet the same demanding standards of Real Italian cooks in America, we make Pomarola® Signature Sauce Base just like they've always done in the Old Country—from summer's fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh carrot, fresh garlic and fresh basil. Pomarola® is the perfect foundation for all your Real Italian signature sauces!

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Full Red® Marinara is ideal for restaurateurs who want to serve Real Italian marinara sauce, but don't have the time (or the available labor). Full Red® Marinara is a lightly seasoned traditional sauce with chunks of sweet tomato, so it's the perfect sauce to use as-is or to add a little extra seasonings to.

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During Amerigo Cortopassi's time (Dino's Father and Tom's Grandfather), an Italian Farmer was usually also a "cacciatore" (hunter) of wild game. The leaner and firmer meat they brought home was enhanced by simmering it in a savory tomato sauce "ala cacciatore" (hunter style).

When Italians immigrated to America, they brought along their "cacciatore" sauce recipes, which thereafter grew popular in Italian restaurants. That's why we created Full Red® Cacciatore Sauce subtly seasoned with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Combine it with pitted olives and serve "as-is" (or with the addition of your signature seasonings) over a variety of favorite foods including pasta, fish, sausage, and of course chicken! Full Red® Cacciatore Sauce adds eye appeal and great flavor to your food and "Real Italian" authenticity to your menu!

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