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Products for Scratch Cooking

Stanislaus got its start back in 1942, when everybody cooked from scratch because they had no choice! Today, there are many of us who view "scratch" cooking as a labor of love that pays off in the eating. And that’s why Stanislaus offers a full line of unseasoned tomato products for all your "scratch" recipe needs. Read more

Whole Tomatoes

To those traditionalist cooks who like to start with whole peeled tomatoes, we are proud to offer two different "Real Italian" styles to satisfy your most authentic needs. Read more


The closest thing to Old Italy in America! Favored by restaurateurs serving the classical dishes of Italy's urban "ristoranti," Alta Cucina® "Naturale" Style Plum Tomatoes are Stanislaus' answer to true San Marzanos, which are no longer available except at exorbitant prices.

Today, true San Marzanos are generally unavailable because small Italian farmers have consolidated and turned to mechanized commercial tomato varieties rather than the hand-harvested San Marzano. Although lax enforcement has allowed some Italian packers to get away with mislabeling tomatoes as "San Marzano" (when in fact they are not), in truth, the treasured San Marzano tomato has all but disappeared.

And that's why we created Alta Cucina® "Naturale" Style Plum Tomatoes! Each can of Alta Cucina® is full to the brim with sweet, tender, ultra-premium plum tomatoes in "Naturale" style juice—packed from select tomato varieties chosen by Stanislaus for their fresh fragrance, exquisite flavor, and delicate "melt-in-your-mouth" texture.

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For those restaurateurs featuring the hearty, robust food of Italy's rural traditions, we're proud to recommend Valoroso® "Robusto" Style Pear Tomatoes!

Over many years of visiting the varied regions of Italy, our family knows that the best place to find the hearty regional specialties of Italy's rural past is in a neighborhood "trattoria." Unlike the more elegant menus of urban "ristoranti," the family-owned trattoria invariably features regional favorites from another time. Often these dishes reflect the thrifty diet of peasant life, which mainly consisted of simple foods (cereals, legumes, pasta, focaccia) creatively dressed with tomatoes, olive oil, and local herbs.

Our many warm and memorable experiences savoring hearty trattoria meals served as the inspiration to produce Valoroso® "Robusto" Style Pear Tomatoes! Packed "Robusto" style in a rich, heavy juice, Valoroso® Pear Tomatoes offer the full-bodied flavor and firm texture required in many trattoria-style dishes.

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Tomato Strips

We take great pride in all of our premium tomato products; however, we are particularly proud of our trademark "Tomato Filets®" because we not only invented the name—we invented the technique! "Tomato Filets®" were designed to provide extraordinary garden-fresh flavor; save you the time of hand-crushing whole peeled tomatoes, and deliver more tomato meat per can—the response was phenomenal! To this day, our "Tomato Filets®" remain among our most popular products. Read more


We developed Saporito® Filetto di Pomodoro™ specifically for chefs of "la vera cucina," who prefer tomatoes with a soft, tender texture. These delicate strips of "pomodoro" match the appearance and
mouth-feel of hand-crushed Italian plum tomatoes—
ideal for traditional sauces in the style of the "Old Country."

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If you want your customers to sit up and take notice of the fresh tomato flavor in your signature recipes, insist upon the Original—74•40® Tomato Filets®!
Each can of 74•40® contains approximately 74 ounces of succulent Tomato Filets® cradled in 28 ounces of their own flavor-packed juice. Since the natural juice contains most of the "fresh flavor essences" of the tomato, each and every can of 74•40® Tomato Filets® is bursting with just-picked garden-fresh flavor!

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If you're a restaurateur who's oriented to maximum yield, 80•40® is the one for you! This high-yield alternative to 74•40® packs in more tomato strips than any product on the market. By draining off 6 ounces of garden-fresh juice, we have packed 6 more ounces of tomato strips into every can—so you get a full 80 ounces of tomato strips in every can of 80•40®!

However, because of the tradeoff between 6 ounces less of high-flavor natural juice and 6 ounces more of meaty tomato strips, restaurateurs preferring maximum garden-fresh flavor should stick with 74•40®. For those restaurateurs seeking maximum yield, 80•40® will beat the competition every time!

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Ground Tomatoes

Ground tomatoes are what we call a "combination product" because chunky ground tomatoes are blended with rich purée to achieve an ideal ready-to-use sauce thickness—just add your signature seasonings, heat and serve! Read more


Of all our wonderful products, Tomato Magic® is the one our family kitchens never run out of! We rely on Tomato Magic®, because it's so perfectly suited to a broad range of our "vera cucina" scratch recipes. Made from chunky fresh-ground peeled tomatoes, Tomato Magic® is unbelievably sweet, bursting with fresh flavor, and a perfect blend of chunkiness and ready-to-use thickness. It makes everything we use it with taste better—that’s why Stanislaus named it "Tomato Magic®!"

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Made from chunky fresh-ground unpeeled tomatoes fresh-packed in combination with purée, 7/11® contains bits of skin and more tomato pectin (for a "homemade" texture) than does Tomato Magic®.

The tomato skins in 7/11® add texture and eye appeal. But they also bring something else to the table—fresh flavor! That's because many of the "fresh flavor" essences of a tomato are contained in the thin layer of soft "tomato velvet" just below the tomato's skin. When a tomato is peeled, some of this velvet is lost. But when the whole unpeeled tomato is used (as in 7/11®), the skins bring with them the flavor-packed "velvet"—and that means more fresh flavor!

7/11® was originally created to meet the specific needs of New York "pizzaioli" from Southern Italy, who preferred the coarser mouth-feel of unpeeled tomatoes. Today, "New York Style" pizzerias across the country follow the practice made famous by their New York pizzaioli predecessors—combining 7/11® with Full Red® Pizza Sauce to create the famous New York thin-crust "Cheese and Tomato Pie!"

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Pizza Sauce

Contrary to what it’s called in the local supermarket, to pizza professionals, “pizza sauce” is an unseasoned tomato base to which you add your own signature seasonings! Read more


In some areas, known as Full Red® Concentrated Crushed.

As Mama Teresa used to say, "It's not really bragging if it's true." So with that in mind, let us tell you about our Full Red® Pizza Sauce, which is the #l pizza sauce brand in New York, where "Real Italian" pizzaioli have made it famous! Full Red®'s longstanding popularity in New York is especially meaningful to us because New Yorkers are among the most knowledgeable pizza consumers in America—a point hotly contested by Chicagoans!

Full Red® Pizza Sauce is a rich base sauce with full tomato flavor, deep-red color, and "velvety" mouth-feel. Packed from fresh tomatoes (like all of our products), Full Red® Pizza Sauce contains just a trace of seeds and skins (for homemade appearance). (Available with or without hand-packed fresh basil leaves.)

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In some areas, known as Saporito® Super Heavy Concentrated Crushed.

If maximizing the number of pizzas from each case of pizza sauce is more important than maximum retained fresh flavor, we recommend Saporito® Super Heavy Pizza Sauce over Full Red® Pizza Sauce. This extra-heavy base provides consistent s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ability—to provide you with the most "bang for your buck."

Saporito® is our heaviest pizza sauce base, with intense tomato flavor and very deep red color. (Available with or without hand-packed fresh basil leaves.)

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We designed SuperDolce® specifically for pizzaioli preferring extra sweet tomato flavor in their signature sauce. That's why we use the old-style "cold-break" process for SuperDolce®, so its sweetness is enhanced compared to Saporito® Super Heavy Pizza Sauce.

In fact, because this old-style process captures more of the tomato's natural sugars, the surface of the contents often glistens with clear "tomato nectar." To further enhance sweetness, we add a hand-packed sprig of fresh basil.

Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The tradeoff for SuperDolce®’s super sweet flavor is that it contains less moisture-retaining pectin, so it won’t "hold" as much added moisture as its cousin, Saporito® Super Heavy Pizza Sauce.

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Tomato Purée

Because it’s made without tomato seeds or skins, the smooth, creamy texture of Stanislaus tomato purée makes it one of our most versatile products. From pizza to pot roast, there are as many different ways to use puree as there are Stanislaus customers who buy it! Read more


We like to think of Full Red® Tomato Purée and Full Red® Pizza Sauce as "sister products," because Full Red® Pizza Sauce is the #l brand among New York pizzaioli, and Full Red® Tomato Purée is the #l brand among Chicago pizzaioli!

In fact, this is an excellent example of different customer preferences. Pizza-lovers in Chicago prefer fresh-tasting, smooth-textured sauce, which is why Chicago pizzaioli have made Full Red® Tomato Purée the #l brand in the marketplace. So if your customers prefer smooth "Chicago-Style" pizza sauce (or "Passato Style" entree sauce), Full Red® Tomato Purée is the product of choice!

Full Red® Tomato Purée is packed from fresh tomatoes at the peak of the California tomato season to capture the natural sweetness and rich red color of just-picked ripe tomatoes. Made without seeds or skins, Full Red® Tomato Purée has a gel-like consistency and creamy texture.

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Saporito® Super Heavy Tomato Purée has the same extra-thick consistency, deep-red color, and intense tomato flavor as Saporito® Super Heavy Pizza Sauce, but without the tomato seeds and skins. So you get the same Saporito® Super Heavy s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ability, but with a smooth, gel-like consistency!

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